We first started out as purely a window restoration company. However, it became apparent very quickly that we cannot have a proper discussion of the values of window restoration without it inevitably leading to a discussion of storm windows. Though the single pane true divided lite windows are pretty, they also are pretty poor when it comes to insulation. A second layer of glass is essential. This is where storm windows come in.

A storm window will give you the same benefit as having an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU), like you would find in a modern new window, when paired with your existing single pane window. The difference is that the storm window option can last far longer than a modern window and properly respects the historic character of your home. The best part is that you get to KEEP YOUR WINDOWS!

The Ultimate Storm Option

Our wood storm windows are the ultimate option when it comes to maintaining the beauty of your historic home. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a wood storm window.

  • They are always built custom to fit every window opening.
  • Custom shapes and designs are no problem.
  • They can be painted any color you want and can be easily painted another color in the future.
  • We use the same quality joinery that your original windows were made with
  • Historic Authenticity

The process of adding wood storm windows to your home is fairly painless but also quite involved. The typical wood storm window project for us is managed by Iconic Windows from start to finish. We usually start with very rough dimensions provided by the homeowner, contractor, or architect. From this we are able to work on an initial quote as soon as possible. Next, we come out to measure each an every window. This allows us to get down to the details and avoid compatibility issues.

Window Parts on Table
Through mortise and tenon construction
Assembled Wood Storm Window
Hand crafted and fitted in our shop

Once we have the dimensions of every window, we move forward with building the windows. All of our storm windows are built with true mortise and tenon joinery. They are held together with wooden pegs. If windows that have survived 100+ years are built this way we figure that is good enough reason for us to do the same. Our default lumbers of choice are Spanish Cedar or Sapele Mahogany. We choose them for their superior resistance to rot and insect damage. When all of the rough frames are assembled, we return to your home for fitting. Fitting the storms at this point allows us to get the best fit possible for each unique window opening. It also ensures that we have a proper shop applied paint finish on all surfaces and avoids any unforeseen problems.

The storms head back to our shop for all finishing touches and painting. At this point we also prepare all of the glass and screens for glazing into the aluminum inserts or into the storms themselves. Once everything is ready to go, we load them all up and head back to your home for the final install. This is the most rewarding part of the process.

If you were paying attention, you would have counted 3 trips out to your home: Measure, fitting, & installation. For projects within our service area, it really is the best way to ensure as good a finish as possible. However, we do not need to be the ones installing your storms. We are able to produce and ship our storms nationwide to fit whatever specifications are provided.

Wood Storm Window Designs

The New Standard Storm Sash

2 Windows with Our Standrd Storm Sash

This design is by far our most popular. It consists of the standard wood as you would expect with a wood storm window but it contains two removable glass inserts and one screen insert. The inserts are wrapped in aluminum and clipped in place from the inside face of the storm. This allows you to switch out the inserts from the safety of your home; NO MORE LADDERS! The great value to this design is it allows you to switch between screen and glass with ease. It also makes cleaning easy since you can remove all inserts and clean them in a safe location.

With Insert Removed

With Insert Installed

The Standard Deluxe Storm Sash

Two Simulated Divide Lite Wood Storm Windows

This is a subset of our Standard Storm design with an improved aesthetic. It includes a lattice design to mimic your existing window design. It is essentially a simulated divided lite storm window. You still have a single removable insert but the storm will appear as if it has divided lites just like your window. We are the only company to offer a design like this and the improved aesthetic is just astounding. If you like seeing the depth of a true divided lite window but desire a functional storm window, this is the option for you!

The Classic Storm Sash

Home With Traditional Wood Storm Windows

This is what most people think of when they think of a wood storm window. It contains fixed and glazed glass units. It offers a true divided lite design. This is the most authentic storm option and it has the lowest profile finish. This does come at a cost. The units are bulky and must be removed to be cleaned properly. If a screen is desired, a completely different frame must be built as a screen sash. If you don’t intend to open your windows much and you value historical authenticity, this is the way to go.

The Hybrid Storm Sash

Circle Top Wood Storm Window
Hybrid Storm With a Removable Lower Insert

This design incorporates a little of both of the designs listed above. It contains a fixed upper glass unit and a lower screen and glass insert. This style is the one chosen for a few particular situations. 1. The window opening requires a shape other than a rectangle at the top: Arched top, circle top, Gothic. We are not currently able to produce a glass or screen insert with a curved shape so the glass must be glazed in place. 2. Single Hung Windows. If the upper sash has no ability to open, then having a removable insert isn’t of much use. 3. Because that is what you want! We are a custom shop and we will build it whatever way you want.

The Slider Sash

Wood Storm Window
Classic Look of a Wooden Storm Window with a Slider Function

With this storm, we try to give you the beauty of a classic storm window but also offer the functionality of a triple track storm window. This wood storm window has a fixed upper glass, a fixed lower screen, and a sliding glass unit on the inside face of the unit. If you want fresh air all you need to do is slide up the glass panel just like an aluminum storm. These are the bulkiest and most expensive storms. They also are the least energy efficient option we offer. The major benefit is that you never have to store a screen or glass panel and you can get fresh air whenever you want. The trade-off is that you have fixed upper glass and lower screen, which limits ability to clean, maintain, or pass through the opening, say to get out on a roof to clean gutters.

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