Historic Preservation

Mount Pleasant

We were fortunate enough to be awarded the task of restoring the exterior of the windows in the main building at historic Mount Pleasant, in Fairmount Park.

Over the course of 4 weeks in June of 2019, we meticulously repaired and restored the windows of this fantastic old mansion, which was once owned by Benedict Arnold.

Wood Storm Windows

Tunbridge Rd. Haverford, PA

This was a fun project, which we completed in the summer of 2019. We built all new custom wood storms windows to protect and accent this beautiful old home in Haverford.

Window Restoration

Pembroke Ave. Wayne, PA

This fantastic old mansion in Wayne was meticulously renovated and restored by the owner. We were fortunate to restore all 70+ windows in this grand old beauty.

Window Restoration

Haverford College VCAM

This fantastic stone building was originally the Ryan Gymnasium. Haverford College decided to renovate, restore, and re-purpose the building as a visual arts building. Being the respected stewards of history as they are, they chose to restore all of the windows in the building. We were more than glad to restore each and every window.

Custom Windows

Haverford College VCAM

In addition to restoring the original windows, we were also tasked with replicating exactly the original windows in a few locations that needed them.