Our Approach

We believe that windows have an integral role in a home’s appearance and comfort. We add to this the certainty that value and quality of all of the old windows we work on are worth preserving. We respect the talent and time-tested logic that exudes from each window we work on. Our goal is to honor the original craftsman and the current owner simultaneously.

Our Story

This business started with a simple goal in mind: I’ll be damned if I’m going to replace those windows with vinyl. The window rabbit hole had begun.

It started simply as a summer project restoring the windows of our family home in Havertown while in college. Pair this with a business degree from College of Charleston in beautiful and gushingly historic Charleston, SC and you have the recipe for a historic window restoration business.

Post graduation, it started small in a basement in Germantown. Then it moved to a garage in Bryn Mawr. Now, almost 20 years since fumbling through the first window restoration in Havertown and over 10 years since the first formal business endeavors, we are now in a modest shop in Media.

We have restored over a thousand windows over the past decade and have no plans of stopping any time soon. As long as there are windows to restore and good folks that value the restoration work that we do, we will be here.

Become a part of our story..

We are passionate about restoring and improving old homes and windows. We would be more than honored to continue our passion in your home or building. Contact us to find out how you can join our story.