Restoring Resilience.

Iconic Windows has provided historic window restoration services for over a decade to the Greater Philadelphia area. We have restored thousands of windows since we first opened our doors. We also produce and install some of the nicest Wood Storm Windows & Custom Wood Windows you will ever find. From custom windows to storm windows to restoration, we possess the experience and ability to make your old home or building shine!

Window Restoration

Don’t throw character and quality out the window! Window restoration is a great option for owners of old homes. New window manufacturers have made lots of claims over the years and very little holds any water. A restored window paired with a quality storm window can be just as, if not more, efficient as a new window. Almost all problems with old historic windows can be repaired or improved through our restoration process.

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Wood Storm Windows

You need not sacrifice aesthetics or quality for efficiency if you choose our wood storms. We proudly craft classic wood storm windows with a modern twist. Our wood storms are built with the same old-world craftsmanship as your existing windows. However, our wood storm windows can be operated from inside your home; there is no need to climb any ladders. We also use modern weather-stripping to seal it tightly to your home. It is the best of both worlds.

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Custom Wood Windows

We don’t just do wood storm windows. We are a full service carpentry shop. We also build and design custom wood windows. We can match existing windows or create a whole new design.

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Why Choose Restoration?

Windows get a bad rap. They are blamed for nearly all energy loss and drafts in older homes, yet their inherent beauty is undervalued and the pure perfection of their design and operation is all but ignored. Consider this: the large majority of the windows we restore are over 80 years old, most with little to no maintenance during that lifespan. You would be hard pressed to find items in production today which could endure half that time. What are the chances new windows achieve that feat?

The worst name you can give your windows is “rickety,” and we consider that a compliment. Rickety implies they can be fixed. And that is where we come in!

The process of restoring windows is laborious and tedious. Luckily, that is our forte. Our small group of talented and meticulous craftsmen take every detail very seriously. Every window presents a new and unique challenge. With over 10 years of experience on hundreds of windows every year, your windows are in quite capable hands.

If you own an old home in the greater Philadelphia area, call us for a free consultation and estimate. We service Philadelphia and the surrounding counties of Delaware, Chester, Bucks, Berks, Montgomery, Salem, and Cape May among others. We are located in Media, Pennsylvania.

Half Restored Window Sash
Half Restored Window Sash

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