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Throughout most of their lifetime, your old wood windows need very little maintenance.  One of the greatest things about them is that they were built to be maintained and repaired.  Nevertheless, after 100+ years some need a bit more attention than basic maintenance.  That is when restoration becomes the better option.  Most maintenance can be done by most any handyman or painter.  Restoration on the other hand, is better left to professionals (or DIY; we always support folks taking on this work themselves).  We have been restoring hundreds of windows every year for over a decade now so you can rest knowing you are in able hands.  We essentially have two different levels of window restoration.

Mechanical Window Restoration:

This is the most basic and lowest cost level of service.  The simple goal of this task is to return the window to proper working order.  The biggest thing to consider with this process is that none of the long-term maintenance issues are addressed.  Most importantly, no painting or other aesthetic work is done to the windows.  At the end of the process, you will have a fully functional window again but it will look just as it did when we started.  All work is done on-site and the windows never leave your property.  There is a fixed cost per window for this service.  Here is what is included.

  • Lead safe containment and removal
  • Remove interior stop moldings
  • Remove upper and lower sash
  • Remove and replace parting bead
  • Light scraping where buildup restricts movement
  • Replace sash cord or chain with new chain or cord (default: copper sash chain)
  • Add weatherstripping to improve efficiency
  • Re-install Sashes
  • Ensure proper meeting of sashes at the meeting rail
  • Ensure lock engages properly
  • Re-install interior trim

Full Window Restoration:

This is our most popular option but also the most extensive and expensive option.  It is often what we refer to as the 100 year fix.  The goal of this process is to return the windows to the look and function they had the day they were first installed.  We’ve had many people over the years see one of our completed restorations and refuse to believe that they aren’t new.  There is really no greater compliment than that.

A full window restoration includes all of the tasks listed for the mechanical restoration above but it includes much more.  The cost varies for each window depending on the design and complexity.  Here is what else is included:

  • Strip all friction surfaces of paint (side jambs known as the pulley stiles, interior face of blind stop)
  • Interior stop moldings are replaced or fully stripped and restored
  • Window hardware including pulleys, sash locks, & sash lifts are restored at our shop
  • Sashes are fully stripped of paint and glazing
  • Damaged areas are repaired with Epoxy
  • Glass is removed & cleaned
  • Pre-treat wood with sealer
  • Putty glaze with Sarco Putty
  • Prime with slow drying oil primer
  • Two coats paint interior and exterior

Click Here for a Detailed Description of the Window Restoration Process.

Hardware Restoration:

Historic Hardware Restoration

Historic Hardware Restoration

We can clean up your old window hardware such as sash locks, sash pulls, and pulleys.  This is included in our full restorations but we can also do this for you as a separate project.  If you aren’t local you can even package up the hardware and mail it to us.  Then we will send back the restored hardware.  This is what is included:

  • Strip all paint from the surface
  • Lightly brush the surface to clean the metal
  • Add the patina back if desired
  • Oil moving parts
  • Apply lacquer to surfaces


  Site Glazing:

Sometimes all you really need is for someone to properly replace any missing or failing glazing.  This can be a stand alone project or added to our Mechanical Restoration.  We remove any failing glazing.  Then we add and tool new glazing putty into the areas that were removed.  Finally any oils are cleaned from the glass.

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If you have gotten this far on our site, you know that restoration is really something that you would like to do.  Don’t hesitate any longer. Contact us now for pricing to restore or repair your old windows.  We would be more than glad to answer any questions you may have.

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