The Ultimate Storm Option

Storm windows are a must-have for any old home. The problem is that most storm windows aren’t always the most attractive exterior element of your home. We are all familiar with the classic aluminum triple-track storm window and how they can affect the aesthetics of a home. However, there is an alternative: Custom Wood Storm Windows.

Custom Sized

Our wood storm windows are all custom-built to fit perfectly within the window opening.

Solid Wood Construction

All wood storms are made from solid wood with no finger-joints. The default wood is Eastern White Pine. Upgrade to Spanish Cedar or African Mahogany.

Old World Joinery

We only use a true mortise and tenon joint on our storm windows. So the same style of jointery that was used on your windows is what we use to build our wood storm windows.

True Through Tenons
Custom Shapes

We are able to construct your storm to fit any shape opening you may have from circles to trapezoids we can fit the storm to your unique opening.

Resilient Finish

Shop-applied paint and primer finishes that endure many years of weathering before maintenance is required. A penetrating oil primer is applied to ensure optimal adhesion of the finish.

Custom Color

Your wood storms can be painted with any color you desire, unlike most aluminum storms that offer a very short list of color options. You are also not stuck with that color forever like you are with aluminum storms.

Quality Hardware

We use stainless steel storm window hangers and hooks. There is little risk of the hardware ever failing or corroding.