Window with new restoration glass
This window has new restoration glass that mimics the waves of the old glass.

Many of us love the old wavy glass we find in our old windows.  However, we often have a hard time finding old glass to replace the broken panes in our windows.  Often this leads to an all too common act that most of us old house lovers and owners don’t like to admit we do:  dumpster diving.

The first few times you do it, you may have a rush of adrenaline and the thrill of it can be exciting.  Even your righteous self will gladly justify that you are sacrificing for the good of the planet, your home, neighborhood, [insert other token excuse here].  It will even leave you with a strange sense of accomplishment.  Embrace the thrill while it lasts; it is a sort of right of passage really.  There was really no avoiding it.  But one day the glow of adventure may wear off.  That day you may come to realize that you are just a guy in a dumpster.

This post is to remind people that there are often alternatives.  In this case, new glass made to look like the old glass can be purchased.  It is expensive for sure.  But it just may be worth it to not have to climb in a dirty dumpster ever again.

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