Historic Mount Pleasant

At the start of the summer of 2019, we were fortunate enough to begin work on the exteriors of the windows at Mount Pleasant Mansion in Fairmount Park. It is a beautiful Georgian style home that was built in 1761. At the time it was built it was one of the finest homes in the Philadelphia area. Over 250 years later, it is still quite an impressive home.

The original owner was a pirate; OK well technically he was a privateer, which is really just a government sanctioned pirate. It is a matter of perspective what you call him then I suppose. But if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

About 20 years after it’s construction, the notorious Benedict Arnold purchased the home. It seems he was quite busy turning coats at the time and never found the time or funds to actually move in. His plot was discovered not much more than a year after the purchase of this fine mansion.

Now on to the most important part of this home’s history. In 2019, the world renowned restoration company know as Iconic Windows was hired to restore and preserve the exteriors of the historic windows of the main building. The Philadelphia area was in a frenzy at the news of the Iconic crews’ arrival. Even security had to be brought in. Not surprisingly, the Iconic Windows crew deftly restored the windows back to their original splendor.

Revolutionary graffiti found on Palladian Window

This was such a fun project and we were so grateful to be involved. The weather could not have been better for it. We even had a nice surprise high atop one of the Palladian windows. Looks like someone named James etched his name into one of the glass panes. What a fun find! Sorry James but we just blew up your spot.

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